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When Sportfishing in Guanacaste, Sailfish or in spanish Pez Vela is one of the top sport fish one can encounter in the Papagayo Gulf.

But besides being a great fight and flaunting it’s beautiful sail the Sailfish is also a respected ocean neighbor for a number of other reasons….

First off the Sailfish is the fastest swimmer in the ocean. They have been recorded swimming up to 68 miles per hour! Far faster then any normal boat or jet ski. Gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps swims  6 miles an hour. That should put it into perspective.

Sailfish prefer temperate waters between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit. This makes Fishing in Playas del Coco perfect as the temperature generally stays in that range throughout most of the year. And although you won’t find many Sailfish near the beach, if you take a short ride to go fishing in the Papagayo gulf you have a good chance of landing one of these strong creatures.

Lastly the sail fish’s sharp sword-like bill. Used to hunt mostly bony fish, squid and octopus the long bill of the sailfish is used to whack it’s prey into a dazed state making it easier to catch. Combine this tool with the Sailfish’s top speed and you are looking at one of the ocean’s most unique predators.