[VIDEO] Giant Black Marlin Attacked by Monster Sharks


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Great Mahi Mahi Recipe


We catch big Mahi Mahi (Dorado) here in the Papagayo Gulf and we must say it is one of our FAVORITE eating fish. It’s a versatile, white, light and flaky meat that blends with many sides and can be cooked many different ways.

Next time you land a big Mahi try this recipe to give your taste buds a treat!


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[VIDEO] Sailfish – The Fastest Fish in the Sea


When Sportfishing in Guanacaste, Sailfish or in spanish Pez Vela is one of the top sport fish one can encounter in the Papagayo Gulf.

But besides being a great fight and flaunting it’s beautiful sail the Sailfish is also a respected ocean neighbor for a number of other reasons….

First off the Sailfish is the fastest swimmer in the ocean. They have been recorded swimming up to 68 miles per hour! Far faster then any normal boat or jet ski. Gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps swims  6 miles an hour. That should put it into perspective.

Sailfish prefer temperate waters between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit. This makes Fishing in Playas del Coco perfect as the temperature generally stays in that range throughout most of the year. And although you won’t find many Sailfish near the beach, if you take a short ride to go fishing in the Papagayo gulf you have a good chance of landing one of these strong creatures.

Lastly the sail fish’s sharp sword-like bill. Used to hunt mostly bony fish, squid and octopus the long bill of the sailfish is used to whack it’s prey into a dazed state making it easier to catch. Combine this tool with the Sailfish’s top speed and you are looking at one of the ocean’s most unique predators.

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3 Types of Things to do in Guanacaste


3 Types of Things to do in Guanacaste

While on vacation to Costa Rica, and more specifically Northwest Costa Rica and the Guanacaste Province travelers often want to see a variety of different ecosystems and natural places. In this post we will talk about 3 types of things to do in Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Guanacaste Wildlife

First off is the Costa Rica wildlife, when in Guanacaste there are different terrains and altitude areas that lend to different animal life as well as plants insects… Tilaran for example is just a short ride from Canas yet going up in altitude and bear near Lake Arenal drastically changes the temperature and wind conditions lending itself to different species of both flora and fauna.wildlife in guanacaste costa rica

If we had to choose just one tour when staying in a beach town our pick would be Palo Verde. Palo Verde is a wildlife refuge along the Tempisque River, just a short drive from beach towns like Playas del Coco or Tamarindo.

Once you arrive at the river you will board a boat and roll along the banks of the Tempoisque seeing Crocodiles, many species of birds such as storks and heron, lizards of different varieties and even the famous white faced monkey that may even jump on your boat and say hello!

The diversity near the banks of this river is really amazing and for the price this is our pick for viewing Guanacaste Wildlife. Costour, a company that is based in Playas del Coco is a solid pick to take you to Palo Verde.

You can contact Costour by visiting their website here

Fishing and Ocean Activities

Having an expansive coastline makes Guanacaste a prime destination for fishing in Costa Rica as well as other water sports such as Scuba Diving, snorkeling and surfing.

The Papagayo gulf is home to some great surf spots like Witches Rock and Ollies point, both of which are not very crowded as ou have to take a boat to arrive there!

Papagayo fishing is also some of Guanacaste’s most sought after activities. Fishing charters in Costa Rica generally range from about $350 to as much as $1600 depending on where you go and how long the trip is.

Top sport fish in the area include Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Amberjack.

If you would like to go fishing or surfing on your Costa Rica vacation contact us by clicking here

Cultural Activities

The next activity takes us to a simpler way of life and with a familiar face… Costour.

Costour has created a Guanacaste Cultural Tour that is second to none and not regularly offered by many other agencies. Explore the sugarcane plantations, meet Chorotega pottery makers that have been perfecting their craft for generations and centuries and learn to cook an authentic Costa Rican tortilla from scratch. All topped off with a great meal of local fare and local ingredients.

To learn more about the Costa Rica cultural tour visit Costour’s website by clicking the Costour logo

In Conclusion

When on vacation in Costa Rica don’t forget to bring your sunscreen but also don’t forget that there is more to this great land than the beach. Marine life, mountain terrain, river creatures and rich cultural experiences await you at every turn!

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Things to do in Playa Hermosa (in the rain)


Now that green season 2017 is in full swing afternoon clouds and showers are the norm. While many brave souls aren’t afraid to take a dip in the ocean while it is raining (the usual excuse is “I’m already wet”) others prefer to stay dry and take in some indoor activities yet many tourists are hard pressed to find things to do in Playa Hermosa CR when the sun isn’t shining.

Hang out in your hotel room… Scratch that, sounds lame…

What about a great lunch or dinner and a movie?

Few travelers know that there is a REAL movie theater in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste! In the Hermosa Heights community there is a cinema that plays brand new movies the same day they come out in the USA or Canada. In fact this is the only movie theater in the Gulf of Papagayo area.

restaurant in playa hermosa guanacasteEven better is the fact that they have showing in English with Spanish subtitles and vice versa!

After the show make sure to check out the Sandbar Restaurant right next door to the theater. They pretty much always have something going on whether it is live music, big screen sports, Wednesday karaoke and everyday happy hour from 4-6pm!

The Sandbar Playa Hermosa menu is a mix between Costa Rican typical food and American casual cuisine like steak and chicken specialties.

You can View the Sandbar menu on their website by clicking here

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[VIDEO] The Roosterfish, an Exciting Guanacaste Fishing Experience


When looking to do some Guanacaste fishing or Papagayo sportfishing one of the great fights that any fish can provide is the famed Roosterfish. The roosterfish, is a top level Guanacaste sportfishing catch and it can be found in the higher temperature seas of the Eastern Pacific from Baja California to Peru. It is recognized by its mohawk like dorsal fin, seven long spines that stand straight up when the fish is excited.

Some of our favorite spots to land a big Roosterfish when fishing in Guanacaste is Fishing the Papagayo Gulf and the Catalina Islands. Although one can sometimes even land a Roosterfish while Playas del Coco fishing right on the islands in front of the beach it is more common to find these creatures to the north or south of our home base in Playas del Coco.

Roosterfish can reach more than five feet long and more than 50 kilos. The average is around 9 kilos.

The Roosterfish is a fun and exciting catch however it is not viewed as a decent eating fish so it is best to catch and release. The meat is oily and quite firm and fishy in taste. Watch the video below to see this fish in action.


Looking for a place to stay during your next Guanacaste Fishing trip?


First of all happy Independence day to all of our friends from the USA!

Second we are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive providers of Guanacaste sportfishing for guests who stay at the Casa Blanca Hotel in Ocotal! This Hotel is great and just a few minutes walk to the calm, not crowded and gorgeous Ocotal beach.

Right now through september is hands down the best time for Fishing in Northern Pacific Costa Rican waters. Everything is in season. So if you are looking to do some Papagayo sportfishing and Guanacaste Fishing in general, including the Catalina Islands don’t forget to book with us and stay at Casa Blanca in Ocotal.

Happy Fishing to all!

You can View Casa Blancas Facebook page by clicking here

Awesome day with an awesome family!


Awesome day with an awesome family! Left out of Playa Hermosa this morning with these clients who are frequent visitors to the Playas del Coco/ Playa Hermosa area, but this is the first time they have gone on the water with us. They had a great time and we hope to be seeing them again!
Our final Guanacaste Sportfishing tally for the day…
8 Red Snapper, 1, Mackerel and 1 Permit (also known as a Pampano fish :))
Wind conditions were excellent, only a slight breeze! That was great as we had a little one on board.
Captain: Jose
Mate: Eduardo
Boat: Pampano

Seasons Hotel on a half day tour


Today, 2 gentlemen from the 4 Seasons Hotel on a half day tour. Wind was subtle in the morning but picked up mid morning (30-50km).
That did not stop us from getting them their Catch of the Day!
Captain: Jose
Mate: Eduardo
Boat: Pampano



Winds are picking up (35-50km) but that did not stop us! Our Pampano forged through the wind and waves to let our clients trophy 8 bonitas, 2 Rooster Fish (yes, caught and released) 2 Dorados (pictured with our show off Captain Jose) and 1 mackerel.
Everyone on board was kind of hands on and busy due to the wind and noone wanted to get their cameras out for the same reason, but show off Captain managed to get his picture taken 😉