Guanacaste fishing in the papagayo gulf roosterfish

When looking to do some Guanacaste fishing or Papagayo sportfishing one of the great fights that any fish can provide is the famed Roosterfish. The roosterfish, is a top level Guanacaste sportfishing catch and it can be found in the higher temperature seas of the Eastern Pacific from Baja California to Peru. It is recognized by its mohawk like dorsal fin, seven long spines that stand straight up when the fish is excited.

Some of our favorite spots to land a big Roosterfish when fishing in Guanacaste is Fishing the Papagayo Gulf and the Catalina Islands. Although one can sometimes even land a Roosterfish while Playas del Coco fishing right on the islands in front of the beach it is more common to find these creatures to the north or south of our home base in Playas del Coco.

Roosterfish can reach more than five feet long and more than 50 kilos. The average is around 9 kilos.

The Roosterfish is a fun and exciting catch however it is not viewed as a decent eating fish so it is best to catch and release. The meat is oily and quite firm and fishy in taste. Watch the video below to see this fish in action.