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Guanacaste Fishing

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These guys have been fishing in Guanacaste, Costa Ricas for decades, so they know all of the “secret” spots!
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We carry all of the necessary permit, licensing and safety equipment Papagayo Fishing Charters need to ensure safety
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Costa Rica’s Papagayo Gulf is a Natural Gem

guanacaste sport fishing
Species of Sportfish
guanacaste sport fishing
Thousand Living Species
guanacaste sport fishing

For years fishermen from all over the world have been fishing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, landing big Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna and more. Over the past decade access to sport fishing in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica has got even easier with the opening of the Daniel Oduber international airport, just 20 minutes from our beachside location, Playas del Coco. Guanacaste Sportfishing is better than ever!

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Papagayo Sports has been a leader in Guanacaste sportfishing and fishing in Playas del Coco for years and now it’s your turn to get in on the action. From the beauty of the Catalinas Islands, to the converging currents near the Santa Rosa park Papagayo Sports knows where to go at what time of the year to catch the fish you are looking for. We also offer other great activities such as surfing, BBQ Beach Hopping Tours, Snorkeling and sunset cruises!




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Guanacaste Sportfishing in Costa Rica Is a Thrill

Guanacaste Sportfishing

Guanacaste and the Papagayo Gulf is a great part of Costa Rica that has become a popular place to visit thanks to the assorted park spaces around the region. However, it is the Gulf of Papagayo Fishing activities around here that certainly make it stand out. There are many great Guanacaste sportfishing activities worth looking forward to when out here. You might be amazed at the different types of fish that you could find while out in this area. In these Pacific waters there are all sorts of amazing fish that you can find during your Guanacaste sportfishing adventure. You can find fish like the mahi-mahi, red snapper, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, marlin and sailfish just to name a few.These fish are known to populate the waters around Playas del Coco. They are also known for having some appealing visual features that make them all stand out. These include the massive fins of the sailfish, the pointed front of the marlin and the vibrant red color of the red snapper.These fish are the most common ones found around Guanacaste but it is typically easier to find them during specific times of the year. In particular, it is often easier to find them during the summer and early fall seasons when they are more likely to show up around the top areas of the water.The amberjack and cubera snapper can also be found in the area. These are easy to find throughout just about any time of the year.The sizes of these fish especially make fishing in this part of the world stand out. You can find some fish that are two feet in length or longer. These include fish that are so large that you’d need to get another person to help you out with carrying it if you find on your Papagayo Fishing Charter. The best part about fishing around the area is that the water are well-protected to where fishing will be easier to enjoy. This is thanks to the strong lack of commercial operations off of the water. This lack of commercial activity ensures that people around the public are able to easily go around and have some fun finding fish all around the area.

What Other Sights Are There?There are times when you can see whales swimming along the water while in Guanacaste. Whales are reported to be found around the region, particularly near Playa del Coco.People can also check out some of the most beautiful beaches in the region while out here. These include many white sand beaches surrounded by some of the largest forests in the country. some of these beaches are near some exotic and luxurious resorts as well.Many of these sights can be found during a great day-long fishing excursions. As a place located not too far from the equator, it is easy to get plenty of sunlight during a typical day.How Is the Water?The water around Guanacaste is especially important to consider as it is conducive to sport fishing throughout much of the year. The good news is that the weather for fishing is easier to handle around Guanacaste than it is while on the Atlantic part of Costa Rica.The waters around the area are warm for the most part thanks to how humid conditions around the entire region. In fact, the temperatures around the water are relatively consistent throughout much of the year. Temperatures can be in the upper eighties and lower nineties throughout a majority of the year.Meanwhile, the early part of the year, especially January, is a dry period of time. This is a point where the waters around the area should be a little easier for you to sail on. The summer months are the rainiest as most days in a typical month from June to September will have some form of rain in the forecast.This is all with nice wind conditions. In most cases you can expect the winds around the area to move at speeds of five to ten knots although it is relatively common for conditions to be calmer during much of the year.It’s always a great idea to head out to do some Guanacaste sportfishing. The thrill of this event is exciting as you can head out to some of the best waters in the world to look for a diverse variety of different fish.

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Some of our favorite Sportfishing Species



The Mighty Marlin can be found hunting in Costa Rica’s pacific waters and is of the most sought after sportfish in the world. The Marlin is known for it’s enormous size (up to 1500lbs) and its strong persistent fight.



The sheer speed and strength of the magnificent Sailfish makes it clear why this species makes a memorable impression on anglers of all levels. To witness and animal of this size soar in the air is a spectacle like no other.


Dorado (Mahi-Mahi)

Mahi Mahi means Strong Strong in hawaii and it is obvious why. The fish puts up a tough fight but is worth every ounce of energy the angler exhausts because it’s meat is amongst the most flavorful in the world.



The Roosterfish is easy to identify because of its rather peculiar mohawk like dorsal fin. Though not typically desired as a meal due to the oil in it’s meat this powerful fish puts up a great challenge to any angler.



You might scream “Wahoo!” if you hook into one of these beauties. The Wahoo can grow up to 7 feet long and it one of the most delicious specimens around. Known to be cut into steaks rather than filets.

Make sure to book now with us and let us take you on an amazing day of fishing in the Papagayo gulf waters near beautiful Playas del Coco , Costa Rica!  We will be sure to exceed your expectations when coming out on one of our boats and our friendly staff is always of great assistance.  Guanacaste fishing is a well known activity and famous for catching some of the best fish the Pacific has to offer.  See you soon!